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Successfully helping those who believe a healthy body needs a healthy brain.

About Me

I'm a USAF veteran, wife to one, mother of two and grandmother to three on a personal wellness journey. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others looking for resources or answers to their questions. I believe the body is fully equipped to heal itself.  We mostly are made aware of an issue in the physical such as pain, slower brain responsiveness, or mobility challenges. We must, however, address the systems body chemistry, and biology and the neurology. Any one of these systems or a combination could be out of homeostasis or balance. Most of my clients know about supporting the body biology through good nutrition or supplementation, and supporting the body chemistry by reducing the toxic load or restoring balance to the endocrine system. But what many fail to realize, is that the neuro networks play a key role in the proper signaling for these systems to function properly. My primary focus is to educate and facilitate practices that support optimal brain health. I have conducted community service classes with nutrition and health talks at various Senior Citizens Centers. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with folks of all ages but really get excited when those 55+ become more active and engaged with living a vibrant life. My Nutrition and Health Coaching certification was received through the Texas Women's Institute.

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